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POS Desktop App

We introducing world first POS desktop application. We make easy for our users to install desktop application for any operating system from Google Chrome Browser.

Work in offline

Google chrome v76 & above

Diminish the effort of salesperson

  • Customers

  • Cart

  • Sales

  • Order

  • Cash

  • Data sync

  • Payment

  • Setting

  • Custom Product

  • Report

Customers Management

  • Add, edit, delete or change a customer.
  • Search customer by name or email.
  • Add a customer to the cart to process the order.

Cart Management

  • Add or delete product to cart.
  • Add or delete product to cart.
  • Add or remove the quantity of products in the cart.
  • Apply discount on percentage and fixed basis.
  • Apply coupon to the cart.
  • Hold a cart to process it later.

Sales Management

  • The agent can manage the sales in both online and offline mode.
  • Online sales will come under sale history tab.
  • Offline sales will come under offline sale tab.
  • Hold sales will be seen under hold sale tab.

Orders Management

  • The agent can see orders for online sale, offline sale under the orders tab.
  • The agent can search an order on the basis of order Id.
  • The agent can see the details of an order accordingly.
  • The agent can also print the invoice for an order.

Cash Management

  • The agent can add the cash drawer amount while opening POS system.
  • The agent can see the opening balance and the remaining balance for a day.
  • The agent can see the cash sale details on the basis of card sales and cash sales from the total sale.

Data Synchronization

  • The agent can synchronize the offline sales data with the online store while going online.
  • Customers details, orders details, cash details all will be synchronized with the online store.
  • The agent can easily synchronize the data between the POS and the online store by clicking on the synchronize button.

Payment Management

  • Hassle-free payment via cash, card or split method and checkout-child system.
  • The agent can see the tendered amount given by the customer and the change amount which the agent has to give back to the customer for an order.
  • The agent can manage the record for the card sales and can add a note for the order for which the customer has made a payment using card payment method.

POS Settings Management

  • The agent can update the user account.
  • The agent can select the language and the currency for the POS.
  • The agent can select the printer to print the order invoice.

Custom Product Add

  • POS user can add product in the cart which is not available on the website but the product is available in the physical store.
  • Checkout process will remain same as other POS products.

Report Management

  • The sales agent can use the Date Range option to specify for which dates to be included to view the reports like Today, Yesterday, Week to Date, Last Month, Last Year etc.
  • Also, can select the custom date range for the desired date range reports.
  • Better sales management by POS agent by monitoring sales history, hold sales, offline sales from the POS panel.

POS features at admin finger tip.

The admin panel has several features to manage and operate the POS along with the online store. Using our POS system the admin can manage the POS and online store with an ease using the features and functionalities provided which makes the product very easy to use and manage.

Outlet and Agent Management

  • Admin can create a POS agent who will operate a particular POS outlet.

  • Admin can create a POS outlet and then assign a POS agent to that outlet to operate the POS outlet from the front-end.

Order Management

  • Admin wil see the POS outlet order in seperate tab.

  • Admin can filter the orders on the basis of agents.

  • Admin can see the order along with agent detail and customer detail.

POS Products

  • Admin can see all the products assigned to different outlets.

  • Admin can generate the barcodes for the products.

  • Admin can also print the products barcodes in bulk.

Barcode Management

  • Admin can generate the barcodes for the POS products.

  • Admin can also print the products barcodes in bulk.

  • Admin can also set the barcode width accordingly.

Master Stock Management

  • Admin can mass assign a master stock to all the simple products.

  • Admin can assign master stock to all the variations of a variable product accordingly.

  • From the master stock, the admin will assign stock to store products and POS outlet products accordingly.

  • POS products stock and store products stock will get managed separately.

Centralized Inventory

  • The admin can manage the inventory for the online products and the POS products accordingly.

  • The admin can assign the stock to the online products and the POS products from the master stock.

  • Master stock is the inventory of the product from which the admin can assign the stock to the products.

  • From the master stock, the admin can manage the product stock to each POS outlet and the online store altogether.

POS Settings

  • Admin can add the POS heading shown at the time of login by the POS agent.

  • Admin can add the brand name in the footer.

  • Admin can add the number of popular products.

  • Admin can set the low stock warning quantity.

  • Admin can add the Invoice logo to be printed on the Invoice.

  • Admin can add the default customer details for the Outlets.

Coupons Management

  • Admin can create coupons for the POS products.

  • Admin can add the coupon for fixed cart discount.

  • Admin can add the coupon for fixed product discount.

  • Admin can also add a percentage discount coupon.

  • Admin can add the usage restriction for a coupon.

Products Management - Variable Products

  • Admin can provide different stock quantity to all the different variations of a variable product.

Products Management - Simple Products

  • Admin can assign / mass-assign products to an outlet.

  • Admin can also mass assign the products quantity for outlet products accordingly.

Report Management

Report Management

  • Admin can view POS sales report according to date, product, category and coupon code.

  • Admin can view POS customer report like – totally spent money, number of orders etc.

  • Admin can view POS stock report – low stock, out of stock and most stock products.

  • Admin can view POS tax reports according to the tax code and date.

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Webkul is known to provide best E-commerce Solutions as we invest more time in products to make them extremely feature oriented.

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